Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cook book Stand

While trying to escape the house during toddler bewitching hour, I decided that we should head down to Kmart and lay by some new sheets for both myself and DJ.
As always happens I end up in the kitchenware aisles, wondering how I can justify buying this gadget or that gizmo. But this time I came across something brilliant.

I cannot believe I have never thought to seek one of these out before.
A cook book stand that not only folds flat so you can pack it away when not needed, but that also has a hard piece of plastic that protects your favourite cook books from all your kitchen messes.
Recipe book shown is Julie Goodwin's - Heart of the Home
How many of your cook books have pages covered in smudges from dirty fingers having to refer back to the method all the time? Pages that have been splattered with various sauces? Or pages that you can't even open anymore because that are stuck together? (Minds out of the gutter please)
My only issue is that many of my smaller cook books are too small to sit in the stand properly.

Cook book stand is available from Kmart for a small $8.00!

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  1. wow, when you explained this to me I imagined something flimsy (Kmart) but this is great, good buy