Friday, 24 February 2012

Kid (and adult) Friendly Chopsticks

I have no problems admitting that I am chop stick challenged.

I am gradually getting the hang of using them but it wasn't always that way.
When I used to go out for dumplings with some girlfriends, my friend Anh used to prepare my chao bao long for me. (I just use my fingers now LOL)

Years ago a friend of my mums had a nifty little trick with a rubber band. He would wrap it around the top of the chopsticks which gave it a spring loaded effect.

Well on my trip to Kmart I found these little things.
The small rubber piece at the top works the same as the rubber band, making it easier for small hands (or the chopstick challenged) to use.
The rubber piece is removable for easy cleaning and the best bit is you don't have to work out how to tie the rubber band back on.

Now even the smallest member of your family can join in the novelty of eating with chopsticks.
These nifty little things are available at Kmart for $2 each and come in a range of funky colors.

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