Monday, 19 March 2012


We all know the line "Parfait? Everybody loves parfait" but how many of us actually know what it is.
I'll admit that I had no idea until my mum explained that she used to make it for us all the time when we were little as a way of getting us to eat extra fruit.

Traditionally parfait is a French dessert that literally translates to mean perfect. The French parfait is a frozen dessert made from cream, eggs and sugar syrup.
As with most things the Americans have made their own version, which is similar to what I grew up with. They layer parfait cream with jelly and ice cream.
The Brits also have a variation called a "Knickerbocker glory".

Pretty quick and simple recipe and the kids will love it. Use your kids favourite flavoured jelly and pudding, and the fruit can be whatever you want.
The groovy sundae glasses I use came from Kmart and cost $3.00 each.

1 pkt jelly crystals (flavor of your choice)
1 pkt cottees instant pudding (again your choice of flavour)
1 can of sliced peaches
Can of whipped cream (Yes I cheated! Alternatively use 100mls thickened cream, beat with electric beater until whipped)
4 Maraschino cherries

1. Make the jelly according to packet directions. Place in the fridge until set.
2. To make the pudding. Sprinkle pudding powder over 700mls cold milk. Beat with electric beaters for 1 minute. Place in the fridge to set for approx 15 minutes.
3. In a parfait glass or tall sundae glass start to layer the jelly, pudding and fruit. Cover the top with whipped cream (omit if you wish).
4. Top with a maraschino cherry and serve!

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  1. Oh, this brings back memories, and I'm on a diet, can I have one without the jelly, cream and pudding. Oh, that would be fruit lol