Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Good Friday - Oven Baked Fish and Chips

For something a little more traditional on Good Friday.

If your anything like me, and I know a few who are, sometimes you have a craving for fish and chips.
Then, also like me, you probably feel disgusting and greasy afterwards.

Plus with Good Friday being probably the busiest days for the ol' F&C shop why not give making your own a crack. It simple and much tastier.

The cornflakes give the fish a nice crunchy coating and oven baking means you won't finish up feeling like you've eaten more batter then fish.
4 Pontiac or Desiree potatoes
600gm firm boneless white fish fillets (I used flathead)
1/2 cup plain flour
1 egg - lightly beaten
2 cups cornflakes - lightly crushed
Tartare sauce and lemon wedges to serve.
1. Pre heat oven to 190ÂșC. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Cook the potatoes in a large saucepan of boiling water for 15 minutes or until just tender. Drain well. Set aside to cool slightly.
Cut potatoes into wedges, place on the tray and spar lightly with oil.
2. In three separate bowls, place the flour, egg and corn flakes. With one fish fillet at a time, coat in the flour, ensuring to shake off excess. Dip into the egg then into the corn flakes. Making sure fish is well coated in corn flakes. Repeat with remaining fish, flour, egg and cornflakes.
Place on the tray along with the potatoes.

3. Cook in the oven for 15-20 minutes until fish is cooked and wedges are crispy. Serve with tartare sauce and a lemon wedge.

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  1. If you sprinkle some season all or garlic salt over your chips it takes them to another level. The fish looks so good.