Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Decluttering - A Journey

Yes this is what my lounge room looks like almost every day
When I was younger I used to be really organised and tidy. When it came to cleaning my bedroom, everything I owned had a place. I would vacuum and dust, change my sheets and regularly do a clean out of old clothes.

Over the past few years this has changed. Once I moved out of home it was almost like I had more space then I knew what to do with and things began to accumulate.
Then once Deacon came along it just got harder to keep things clean and organised. And I'm sure I don't need to tell you how unorganised having a toddler can make you.
Everything became a "Do it tomorrow" task and before I knew it, I was overwhelmed with just the thought of it all. Where do I even start? What do I even do? How can I make this easier in the long run?

The spare cupboards had become full of odd and ends that never seem to have a home, old clothes that were too nice to give away, rolls upon rolls of wrapping paper, old baby things and a mountain of Christmas decorations.
Plus I was put off by the fact that last year we had a mini invasion of mice and I think KNEW that mice had been in those cupboards. The thought of coming across any mice, dead or alive, gave me the icks. Yes I am a bit of a girl.

My desk has a mountain of paperwork over it. Toys and books were rapidly taking over my living room. Not to mention my pantry, a forest of forgotten packaged food pushed into the depths.

At the start of the year I decided it was time to start clearing things out and getting my house the way I want it to be. A place where I would actually want to spend time. Not to mention that having a big clean out also seems to make you feel better mentally too.

As you may have noticed I have been raving on about this fantastic website, The Organised Housewife, Katrina's hints, tips and tricks have made me realise that its all about small steps. Don't look at the house as a whole, as it makes it seem daunting. Focus on one task at a time, one room at a time.
And that's what Ive decided to do.

I had already made a start on clearing things out but having a bit more of a guideline is going to make things so much easier. So just for some variety and to demonstrate that you don't need a big budget and complicated routine to get organised, I have decided that once a week I will have a post dedicated to my decluttering journey. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow you are so amazing, you surprise me every day with how talented you are. Love you to the depths.

  2. This looks like my home after my grandchildren have been here! If I am tired I just close the door on their play room for days! :(
    When they grow up, I may be able to reclaim my formal room to be my nice sitting area. But then, who knows, other little ones may come along!
    The absolute JOY of having children / grandchildren in our lives.