Thursday, 10 May 2012

Kids Apron

Its pretty well know that I have a pretty short attention span. I have seen my two year old son spend more time on activities then I have on certain projects.

While I can be particularly crafty and creative, its my attention span and occasional lack of patience that holds me back from starting (or in many cases completing) projects.
Once when my sister and I were teenagers, my mum in an effort to get us to be more creative and fill up some holiday time, decided she would teach us how to knit and then pay us each $10 to complete our own scarves for winter.
My sister spent hours knitting away and was done in no time at all. Myself, on the other hand got about half way and couldn't be bothered any more, $10 was just not worth all this time and effort. In the end my mum got sick of seeing the half finished scarf lying around so finished it for me.

That's probably the reason why my "hobby" is cooking. I don't need to spend a whole day, weeks or even months on a meal. Its completed and ready to enjoy within a few hours at most!

Some of you may remember though that when Deacon was born I made a beautiful little Santa sack for his first Christmas. Which I am extremely proud of.

Now with all the time I spend in the kitchen whipping up delicious meals and sweet treats, I often have a tiny little "helper" at the bench wanting to join in. So rather then spend money on a kids apron I decided that surely it would be simple enough to make one (with Mums help of course).

Today we took a trip to spotlight and picked out some fabric and spent the afternoon sewing. This is by no means a tutorial because I really don't know that much about sewing (Yes Mum, even though I did textiles in school :-p)

First we measured Deacon across the chest, then from the chest down to his knees and finally across his waist. We then drew out a pattern onto a piece of newspaper. One sheet was the perfect size.

This was then folded in half and the outline cut out. We pinned this onto the fabric which was also folded in half length ways, and cut the shape out.

Each side was hemmed and sewn. We cut lengths of fabric in a contrasting colour for the ties and halter. The ties were sewn onto the sides. With the neck we decided that a press stud for one side would work best as this would give maximum cover without trying to get a small loop over Deacons head.

Finally I cut out a little spoon and fork that I then blanket stitched onto the front.

Its not perfect but pretty damn good for my first little apron and the most important thing is Deacon loves it.

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  1. just gorgeous. when he opens his very exclusive amazing restaurant I'm hoping for mates rates :)