Saturday, 9 June 2012

Decluttering - Cleaning Kit

I often fall behind with my household chores. Between juggling work, DJ,  meals, washing and everything in between, some things seem to just pile up. This means that I usually have to spend a whole day at the end of the week doing household chores when I would much rather be spending the time doing something with DJ.

As per usual The Organised Housewife has come to the rescue with helpful tips and hints.
I have never been one to have a cleaning kit or caddy. I did however, like most people, own a cleaning product for every surface or room in my house. Everything from floor cleaner and shower cleaner to bathroom sprays and multi-purpose sprays. Cleaners seem to just accumulate in the search to find a product that actually works.

I have now put together my cleaning caddy. It has products that I can carry from room to room without running back and forth to the laundry to find another product.

Vinegar: Purchase a cheap spray bottle from a discount store like The Reject Shop or Chicken Feed. You can also purchase home brand 1 litre bottles of white vinegar from the supermarket. Simply fill the spray bottle with the vingar.
Many of you had probably heard of the ol' bicarb and vinegar trick. This combination can clean almost anything. I have known about it for years and my mum has used it many times. I guess I was just always skeptical. How can something without chemicals clean a surface better?!?

Bi-carb: Buy a container of bi-carb from the supermarket. I took The Organised Housewife's tip and bought an icing sugar shaker from Kmart. Fill this with the bi-carb so its easy to shake out the amount you need. Keep the container of bi-carb in the laundry for top ups.

Microfibre cloth: I have always had a stack of these for dusting, but carrying a few around has made it easier. They pick up dust easily without causing it to fly around the room. Great for people with hay fever.

Antibacterial wipes: Much easier then having an old cloth and soapy water. Wipes are easily dispensed, allow you to wipe over surfaces like the toilet and bench tops, then you simple throw the cloth and the germs away.

Glass wipes: Quick and easy to wipe down mirrors and the shower screen door.

Scrubbing brush: Important for scrubbing soap scum off the shower door and floor. I also have an old toothbrush I use for scrubbing around the tap rims and sink edges.

Now for the best product of all.....Gumption. I had a big rusty stain on my stove top I had tried every product to get it off. This one worked a treat. Its a big sized tub and you only need a small amount on a cloth so this will last you a while. It can be used on stove tops, ovens, bathrooms, tiles etc.

The caddy itself I bought at Kmart. From memory it was about $10-$15. I have also seen similar ones at Spotlight. Or you can pick up plastic ones from Safeway or The Reject Shop.

I still intend to add sugar soap the an old sock to my kit because having a toddler means that my walls are less then pristine.


  1. The old ideas are still the best, my grandmother used something in a tin, it looks exactly like Gumption and it also worked the same on almost anything. This was one of those moments I was going to pick up the phone and call my mum to ask her what it was called.

  2. For a cheaper way to use bicard buy it from a horse/animal feed store. You buy it in larger quantities but it's far cheaper, and the only difference is that it isn't food grade. It takes a while to go through a large quantity and you do need to store it, but its far cheaper in the long run!