Saturday, 2 June 2012

Decluttering - Step 1: Organisation

Still have to spend some time prettying my whiteboard up
Here it is as promised. Once a week as I start to slowly but surely clean up and clear out the clutter from my house I will be sharing my little journey with you.

First things first. To start decluttering, I think that one must become more organised. It pretty much comes hand in hand. What's the point in spending all this time and energy decluttering all the junk currently in your life if you are not organised enough to keep it that way?

I am very much a visual person. Unless I have things written down in some form of order, where I can see it and keep track of it, I start to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Even though I am a gen y'er and own an iphone, a desk top PC and a lap top all of which have calendars on them, I struggle to keep track and check them constantly.
I have tried to get used to keep an electronic calendar but I guess part of me is still a bit old fashioned.

So my first step was to go out and purchase a big white board to hang in my kitchen/dinning room. I purchased a big one from the Reject Shop for about $20. I then divided my white board into sections.

First the top half is marked out like a calendar. I mark the days that I get paid and make a note of expenses that need to be paid so I can keep a better track of my budget. I can also see at a glance when I have Dr's appointments, when the gardener is coming, meetings I have and social occasions. Each month I just re-write the days in and mark in anything that I may have already entered into my phone.

To the bottom right I have a "To do" list. Each month I write down a list of tasks that I will aim to complete by the end of the month. Things such as organising my laundry, washing the cupboards and cleaning up outside. This has been a big help in slowly but surely getting the bigger tasks that get put off out of the way.

Bottom left is for a shopping list. As I run out of things I make a note of it on the board so when it gets to shopping day I can see easily what I need to buy instead of spending shopping morning going through the fridge and cupboards writing it all down.
(I also have a list of upcoming blog posts but that would ruin all the surprises if I showed you that)

It may not be ideal but it works for me. I also have a cork board hanging next to my computer. This board is home to bills that need to be paid, important phone numbers and recipes I want to try. I keep this near my desk because I pay all my bills via internet banking so they are more likely to be seen here.

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  1. So proud of you, can't express how much. You do such a great job. Wish I had been so organised at your age, it took me years to learn the art of keeping a tidy and therefore happy home