Saturday, 12 January 2013

Easy Peasy Ice Cream Sandwiches

Welcome to 2013 at the Busy Kitchen Mum. I hope all my readers had a wonderful Christmas and a rocking NYE. And most importantly I hope the holidays were stuffed full of delicious food and great company.

Seeing as though we are still in the middle of school holidays I decided to kick off the new year with something ridiculously quick and simple but guaranteed to keep the herd happy............for a few minutes at least.

If you want to go the extra mile with this recipe and make your own cookies, then head on over and check out my recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies. Of course being summer, you may just want to cheat like me and buy the cookies to save yourself suffering in a hot kitchen.

1 pkt m&m cookies (the ones from Coles or Woolworths)
1 tub vanilla ice cream - softened
3 Crunchie bars (or chocolate bars of your choice) - roughly chopped
Rainbow sprinkles

1.  Place the vanilla ice cream in a bowl. Add the Crunchie bars and combine well. Place the bowl back into the freezer for 20-30 minutes for the ice cream to harden up again.

2. Take one cookie and place a scoop of ice cream on top. Add another cookie on top of the ice cream and sandwich together. Roll the edges through the rainbow sprinkles.

3. Give them to the kids and be sure to have a wet face washer handy to wipe up sticky faces and fingers. Or better yet, send them outside to eat then just turn on the hose.

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