Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Busy Kitchen Mum would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope your day is full of love, laughs and maybe a little bit of Christmas spirit ;-)

I spent the day celebrating with my family in one of our smallest Christmases ever (one brother and his family are interstate and another is with his wife's family this year).

Every year we all chip in and bring a designated dish.
Trifle is the dish that I have claimed as my own. My sister in law always makes mini puddings and my sister makes punch. There is always Ham and Turkey and Pork. 

Meat and veg is the responsilbity of whoever is hosting.
This year my brothers menu featured:
- Turkey roll with Cranberry stuffing
- Roast Pork with crackling
- Ham with Fig glaze 
- Maple Dutch carrots
- Rosemary smashed potatoes 
- Tomato and onion casserole
- Green beans with pistachios
- Roasted pumpkin
- Stuffing muffins

Generally the side dishes vary from year to year but we always always have the tomato and onion casserole.
It is one of my favs and we only ever have it at Christmas lunch. 
I think it's something we do in a bit of rememberance of the days when we used to have a big extended family Christmas with my Nan and Pa.

Desserts were equally delicious today:
- Trifle 
- Mars Bar cheesecake
- Mini Christmas puddings
- Rocky Road Christmas trees

Our table is always set up nicely with a different colour scheme every year. 
We take time to make place settings with name cards.
And of course christmas lunch just isn't the same without a Christmas cracker.
The 'Dad' jokes are always a great laugh over lunch.

After lunch we all gathered around the Christmas tree and gifts were handed out.
As there are so many of us (18) Christmas can tend to get pricey when we have to buy gifts for everyone so we do a Kris Kringle.
This year I scored a cake slice, Save with Jamie on DVD and some funky bracelets.

We headed home with full arms and full bellies after one of the most relaxing and enjoyable Christmases.
Bring on next year when we will be resurrecting the extended family lunch one more time. 

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  1. It was a lovely day, more relaxed than usual, but I had a wonderful day. Best wishes Mum