Sunday, 29 December 2013

Reflection: Best bit of 2013

Today's Fat Mum Slim photo a day prompt is Reflection: Best bit of 2013.

I found this really challenging because while 2013 has been a particularly difficult year for me it has also been a year dotted with amazing moments, some of which have brought tears of happiness, joy and pride to my eyes.

So in no particular order here are just a few of my best bits from far!
There is still time for amazing things to happen before the clock strikes midnight on the final night of the year.

~ During the year my sister and I were asked by a friend to host an afternoon tea for her bridal shower. It was a lovely afternoon and I am so proud of all the effort my sister and I put in to create something beautiful.

~ My mini muffin learning how to write. This makes me glow with absolute pride! A definite sign that my little baby boy is no more. 
And his awesome progress with swimming lessons (4 certificates!). Hard to believe that 12 months ago he would scream the house down whenever it was shower time. 

~ I didn't really do a whole lot of baking this year but out of the few delicious things I did bake this was by far the most popular: Orange and Rhubarb syrup cake.
I made this for an afternoon tea and it was a big hit!

~ I would be fibbing if I didn't say that losing 20+ kilos wasn't one of the best bits. I don't own scales so I'm not sure what the current number is but I know for sure that it's at least -20.
Not only is it heaps more fun shopping now, I feel so much more energetic then before and in turn have started to look after my health a little more seriously. 

So those are some of my highlights. And of course my partner, my little dude and the rest of my family are the best bits of my everyday and have been an amazing support to me this year so a big THANK YOU to them.

What were the highlights of your year?

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