Thursday, 10 April 2014

Good44 & Storm in a Teacup Review plus a Special Offer!

When it comes to shopping there are two things I love:
1. Buying local products from local businesses 
2. Markets, where I'm free to roam around browsing beautiful homemade products and produce.

Unfortunately my local area doesn't have a great market and with as hectic as life can get often I end up kicking myself on a Sunday evening because 'it's the first/second/third Sunday of the month and I missed THAT market!'
Not to mention as much as I LOVE markets my partner LOVES to avoid them at all costs.

It's also getting increasingly difficult to even support your local businesses in this day and age with all the fast food chains and supermarket giants popping up all over the place. Dominating the consumer market place with low prices and special offers.
I always prefer to head to my local deli or butcher. The service is often friendlier and the products of better quality. With many struggling to survive, as quickly as I've found one they disappear.

Surely there has to be a way to support local producers, somewhere to buy my favorite specialty products AND something convenient enough that I don't have to remember market dates, or worry about parking and crowds. is the answer!

Good44 is an online market place allowing amazing local businesses and producers to create an online shop front so you can browse and shop at your own convenience in the comfort of your own home (or lunch break at the office!)
They even offer a super helpful recurring order function so you can choose what you want and how often you want it and bam! no more hassle of remembering a market date again! 
Good44 have everything you could possibly dream of. From artisan chocolate and fudge (you know it's good when it's given a fancy name like artisan) to breads, spices, cheeses and even wine.
Because we all know you can't have cheese without wine.
They even have beauty products, you know, for when you need to look your best after drinking too much wine. Unless that's just me?

Good44 are also good sports, they offer a price match guarantee. If you find an item elsewhere that's cheaper, at Good44 they will price match it if you let them know within 2 weeks!
Plus with a loyalty program and a freebie with every purchase what more reason do you need to do your shopping at Good44?

Try as I might to find something negative about Good44, I cannot. 
Anything negative would purely be superficial (sometimes their websites mobile version doesn't read well on my iPhone) but seriously, what sort of complaint is that?!?

The lovely people at Good44 approached me for a review and sent me a sample from Storm in a Teacup.
Because we all know how much I cherish a cup of good quality tea.
Based in Collingwood, Storm in a teacup have embraced the growing trend of tea drinking and have created an amazing concept that not only celebrates the humble cup of tea but also respects the countries and traditions involved in producing some of the finest quality tea in the world.

I received a blend called 'Red Jade #18' originating from Nantou, Taiwan. 
It is some of the loveliest and unique tea I have ever had. 
It might be a storm in a teacup but it is a pleasure on the taste buds. With a flowery aroma with notes of tropical fruit and camphor, you think it's going to be a nice delicate tea.
But the flavour is a lovely surprise. It has a delightful mix of bold flavours competing for your taste buds. Caramel and hints of bourbon really shine through. 

The funky packaging even comes complete with a lovely blurb on when and where the blend originated, a breakdown of the aromas and flavours plus a handy guide on how to brew. 
Storm in a Teacup has definitely found many little unique ways to create their own storm in the popular tea market.

Now to further prove how fantastic they are, Good44 are offering the first 50* Busy Kitchen Mum readers a massive 20% off their first order when you use the code
'Busykitchenmum' upon checkout.
So what are you waiting for?
Hurry up and head on over to and score yourself some amazing local products and maybe even have a bit of a Storm in a Teacup yourself. 

*Limit of one per customer.
Discount available on any product from

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